Herring Activity Tracker

Herring is an activity tracker designed for enhancing productivity in computer-related work.

  • 100% non-intrusive - does not consume your time for tracking
  • 100% private - does not send any data our of your computer
  • 100% open source and plain-text data storage

Herring Activity Tracker records how you spend time at your computer. It creates an activity log consisting of the application names, window titles and intensities of your keyboard and mouse actions. At any time you are getting a clean picture of what you have been doing earlier. Moreover, with a system of user defined rules, it can show you a breakdown of activity categories - like email reading, web browsing, software development or graphics design.

You can use this information for example to:

  • Get rid of this very common feeling at the end of a day or a week, that you have been doing something all the time, but you finished with little progress. Herring shows you where exactly the time has gone. (It is usually communication and tons of little, secondary tasks, which can also be important, but are difficult to be noticed).
  • Get to know, what percentage of time you spend on creative work... and what on distractions.
  • Review all your computer-related tasks and analyse, which of them you should drop or delegate.
  • Tell your customer, why exactly a project you are doing for him/her requires "so much time".
  • Get to know, how much time you actually spend on projects for different customers.

Why activity tracking is important?